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Farm-Stay & Weekend Respite


Are you looking for opportunities for short-term respite?  We have recently developed a Farm-Stay respite opportunity on the outskirts of Toowoomba.  With short-term respite options available - let us know what you are looking for and we can provide you with a quote for the NDIA to allow for a respite stay.  Is there anything better than getting away for a few days and getting back to nature?  

We are also looking at short term respite options such as group camping and other opportunities - feel free to give us a call for more information.

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Supported Accommodation 


Do you want to live on your own? Or with a group of friends or like-minded people?  Working towards your own independence?

Karakan can support you to live with 1, 2 or 3 other people in a local home, receiving the support that you need to feel safe, secure and ready for your own place.  Moving out of of home and being more independent can sometimes be a little scary but with the right support and advice it can be a great step forward on your journey to wellbeing.


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Karakan NDIS Services

Individualised 1-on-1 Support


We can work with you individually towards your planned goals and dreams - while also supporting you with the everyday tasks that you need to flourish. Whether that is personal care, attending appointments, learning to cook, assistance with cleaning or even taking your dog for a walk to get out of the house, we are happy to help to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your life - now and into the future.


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1-on-1 Community Access Support


Do you love the thought of having a barbecue in your local park, walking along the beach front every morning, meeting with a group of your friends at a local cafe or going to the movies to see the latest blockbuster?  We are here to support you to enjoy all of these things and much, much more.  


Fishing, Picnics in the Park, Heading to the Shops, Visiting a Museum, Sailing a Boat, Climbing a Mountain, Racing Go-Karts - whatever it is we can support you with it!

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Employment Support


For many people, having a job is more than just a fortnightly pay day.  Having a job makes you feel better about yourself, you become part of a team and it can create lifelong friendships with your colleagues.  Whether you want to work in a supported work environment, look for training, receive work readiness training or have support while you are at work - we can provide you with those supports to ensure you can find, maintain and even enjoy having a job!


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Group Activities in the Community


It is always great to hang out with a group of friends, or people with similar interests and have a good time.  This is what we aim for during all of our group activities, knowing that spending time out and about with friends is much better than staying couped up inside.


Group activities could include playing sports, beach trips, watching a movie, catching up over coffee, learning music or even volunteering on a local project - the opportunities are endless!


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Tenancy and Housing Support


Do you struggle to find housing that works for you? Is it hard to find a place where you can stay comfortably? Do you need support to find a new house or room mate or share accommodation?


With over 40 years experience in housing and accommodation support and NDIS support we can look at the best options available for tenancy and work with you towards a future where your housing is secure.

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Support with Travel & Transport


Do you want to learn how to drive or get your learners permit?

How about learning to catch public transport?

Would you like support - because catching a train makes you anxious?


We want to support you in all of these areas because we know how independent you can be when you are able to simply 'get around'.  Discovering the Public Transport system can be daunting, so we can support you to overcome any obstacles that stop you from travelling to where you want to be!


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Physical Wellbeing Activities


Sometimes it is difficult to get up out of the house and exercise or stay active - but it is such an important part of staying healthy and happy!


We can support you to play your favourite sport, learn some new exercises, join a gym or be part of a local exercise group.  If you identify that 'being active' is one of your goals, then we want to support you towards a future where you are active, healthy and enjoying yourself - whatever activity that might include.


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Supported Holidays & Getaways


Do you remember the last time you went on holiday?  Would an annual trip away improve your mood and make you look forward to planning and arranging your next holiday? 


If you identify this as an integral part of your support package we can provide supported holidays to all over Australia and even Internationally.  We can help you work on a budget and support you to make those travelling dreams come true.

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